What is the Imagery Toolbox 3.0?

Mobilize your inner resources when facing cancer, chronic illness or crisis

Video: Six people show and explain how they worked with the toolbox and what it offered them

Download the free Course Book here

How to work with the toolbox, detailed instructions and all the background plus 78 illustrations.

What is in the Imagery Toolbox 3.0?

Course Book, symbol cards, audio exercises, CDs, MP3 downloads, creative materials, DVD and more.

Ordering the Imagery Toolbox

Mobilize your inner resources using the power of imagery

Strength of Mind Plus 3.0

8 audio imagery exercises
Listen and download the free mp3s or order the two CD’s.

Symbol Cards

They provide a ‘way in’ to your imagination.
54 photographs with a great diversity of symbolism.

Reviews & Recommendations

Reviews in journals and the media, and more.

Introductory workshops

Workshops are held in a variety of institutions, walk-in centres and hospices.

Learn to Coach with the Imagery Toolbox 3.0

Training in how to guide with the Toolbox. Basic and Advanced Training for professionals.

Scientific Research

Into the effects and efficacy of the toolbox, conducted in collaboration with the Universities of Utrecht, Groningen and Twente.

Documentary ‘Singing for your life’

Cancer does not have to mean that the song is ending, it can also be the beginning of a song or even of a completely new repertoire.

Guidance from a registered Imagery Toolbox coach

If you would like help with the exercises, you can find the names and addresses of coaches in the Register.

Touched by an Angel

An award-winning masterpiece showing Beatrijs Hulskes’ intriguing imagery about despair and desperation, struggle, resilience and vitality.

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