8 audio imagery exercises

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With use of the audio imagery exercises you can switch on the power of your imagination in a meditative way.
There are eight exercises, each on a specific theme.

Each exercise begins with relaxation, to prepare you to focus on the theme. During the exercise you will hear some suggestions for how you might experience the images, but you are invited to make contact with your imagination entirely in your own way. These images are personal to you and the guiding voice leaves you free to experience them unhindered.

It is also important to know that not everyone experiences for instance clear visual images. In fact, the imagination works via all the inner senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, touch, smell, taste, intuition. Sometimes images are visual, but sometimes you may hear sounds or you may experience something intuitively; in the realm of the imagination all things are possible.

Everyone experiences the world of the imagination entirely in her or his own way. In this world things operate in a fundamentally different way from how they work in our ‘normal’ world of space and time: in principle everything is possible and ‘ordinary logic’ has little influence here.

The imagery exercises are designed to bring you into contact with a deeper layer in yourself where untapped powers and possibilities exist, a source from which you can draw inspiration and empowerment.

The exercises were recorded by Bridget Ashburn and Jan Taal.

Download the free MP3’s  or order the two CDs Strength of Mind Plus 3.0

Imagery of the good place (11:57 min.)

In this exercise you will imagine a safe place, a place in your inner world where you feel good, a place where you can relax and recharge yourself. A safe haven which belongs just to you and to which you can regularly return.

2. Healing imagination (11.20 min)
This is an exercise designed to evoke your own healing ability and to help you to use it.

3. The source (18:09 min)
A meeting with the clear source of the water of life.

5. Imagery as a support when receiving treatment (12:44 min)
The imagination can help you to support your treatment in its healing work.

6. Loving care for the damaged body (12:16 min.)
Gentle, loving care for the body that has suffered during the illness and through treatments

7. Pain relief (19:00 min.)
The imagination can be used to relieve or lessen pain. This exercise uses several approaches to pain relief.

Exploration of the domain of ​​death. (19.16 min.)
A journey of discovery into the realm of death


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