Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Imagery Toolbox suitable for everyone?

The toolbox is suitable for anyone who wishes to gain access to her or his inner potential. Each of us possesses an imagination and self-empowering capability, these resources are universal and education, age and cultural background make no difference to them. Since time immemorial and in all cultures, use has been made of imagery techniques in healing rituals.

The exercises in the toolbox are simple and are explained step by step in the Course Book and they are illustrated with prolific examples.

The exercises are also suitable for children. The Course Book contains a special chapter about working with imagery in a family context.

Can I use the Imagery Toolbox myself or do I need guidance?

The Imagery Toolbox is a do-it-yourself toolkit, with exercises which you can do entirely on your own.
However, the guidance of an Imagery Toolbox coach is advisable, especially when powerful emotions are involved.

To help you get started, working with a coach can also be very useful. You will find names and addresses in the Register of qualified Imagery toolbox coaches.

Does intelligence play a role?

Intelligence level or training does not play any part whatsoever in the application of the exercises. Everyone possesses an imaginative capability which is wholly independent of intelligence, education, culture or age.
However, people in whom rationality plays a dominant role may at first experience difficulty with the exercises. Guidance by an Imagery Toolbox coach is then advisable.

What's in the Imagery Toolbox 3.0?

The toolbox contains a variety of easily accessible tools for evoking the imagination:

An extensive Course Book with the exercises, which are explained step by step;

  • Background information about the working of the imagination and creativity plus many illustrations
  • 54 symbol cards on a wide variety of themes
  • 8 recorded audio imagery exercises on CDs and on MP3 downloads
  • Writing, drawing and modeling materials
  • The film ‘Singing for your Life’ and the award winning animation film ‘Touched by an Angel’ by Beatrijs Hulskes on DVD.Read more here
Which exercise from the Imagery Toolbox is it best to start with?

The exercise with the symbol card on page 4 of the Course Book and the exercise ‘Imagery of the good place’ on pages 8 to 13 are the most suitable to start with.

What does the Imagery Toolbox 3.0 cost?

The price of the complete Imagery Toolbox 3.0 is € 47.50.

How can I order the Imagery Toolbox 3.0?

If you order from outside the Netherlands: send us an email with your order to
We will let you know the shipping costs for your country.

From the Netherlands you can order the Imagery Toolbox via the webshop. 

How long does the delivery take?

In the Netherlands you will receive the order within a few working days.

In other countries it depends on the local postal services in your country.

Can you order items from the Imagery Toolbox 3.0 separately?

Yes, the following items can also be ordered separately:

Are there workshops and courses on how to work with the Imagery Toolbox?

Introductory workshops on working with the toolbox are organized throughout the Netherlands  in walk-in centers and variety of institutions, such as psychosocial centres and hospitals. See the programme for dates and places.

During an introductory workshop examples are shown of how exercises from the toolbox can be implemented, the background and effects are explained and most importantly, the participants are set to work to experience some of the exercises for themselves.

Organizations can put in a request for an introductory workshop, which is often offered free of charge in the Netherlands. Workshops or training with the Imagery Toolbox in other countries can be applied for:

For professionals there is the training Coaching with the Imagery Toolbox.

Are the methods in the Imagery Toolbox scientifically proven (evidence based)?

Imagery techniques have been used in healing rituals since time immemorial and within all cultures. Since the early 60’s the interest in imagery techniques within modern psychotherapy has seen a rapid growth. Hundreds of scientific studies have now been published which describe the impact of imagery techniques upon general mental condition as well as upon recovery from physical or mental trauma. The many research projects to study the placebo effect are part of this interest. Sheikh* is one of the authors who summarized the scientific findings.

* Sheikh, A.A. (ed.) (2003) Healing Images- The Role of Imagination in Health.  New York: Baywood.
With the discovery of the phenomenon mirror neurons, about which the first published findings  appeared in 1996, an increasing stream of psycho-neurological studies has appeared which also show the central role of the imagination in the enhancement of well-being, in  recovery from trauma or illness and in the development of new behaviour. Read more in Chapter 11 of the Course Book.

Where can I find more information about the background and application of imagery techniques?

Click here for an overview of articles and books on imagery, the power of the imagination,  therapeutic applications and scientific background.

Does the Imagery Toolbox also exist in English?

Yes, there is a full English edition: Imagery Toolbox 3.0. Click here to order.

Can I order the Imagery Toolkit or the Imagery Toolbox from abroad?

Yes you can. Request the shipping costs for the country concerned:


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