Privacy statement

When you purchase a product or register for an activity such as a lecture, a course, coaching or treatment, we will ask you to give us some personal details. What do we do with these and how do we guarantee your privacy?

Your personal data

We use your personal data exclusively for matters which relate to the activity for which you have registered, so that we can contact you if necessary or send you an invoice, a confirmation of participation or a certificate. Your data will be stored in a secure environment.

Are you giving us your details because you want to buy a product from us? Then we will use your data exclusively to send you that product and to invoice you.

Who will have access to your personal data?

Access to your personal data is confined to those who directly handle your request. These persons are the employees of our secretariat or the financial department, or your group trainer. With any external parties who take care of the maintenance and management of our servers and databases, we have drawn up ratified processor agreements concerning the way we and they deal with privacy.

Third parties

We do not release your information to any third party.


When registering for an activity or when purchasing a product, you can indicate whether you would like to receive our newsletter. The newsletter is published about four times a year.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. If you choose to unsubscribe, your request will be processed immediately.

For the distribution of our newsletter we make use of the mailing company LaPosta, with whom we have made ratified privacy agreements. The personal data they receive from us is securely   encrypted.

Deleting personal data

If you wish to delete your personal data with us, please contact us. In connection with our fiscal retention obligation, we are required to retain certain information, such as your name and address, for a period of seven years and we may only delete this personal data once this period has expired. An opt-out for the newsletter will however be processed upon request.


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