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Immensely useful for professionals and patients

Jan Taal, Drs , internationally recognized authority on the role of imagination in health, has created an instrument which all mental health professionals will find immensely useful for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

For patients the Imagery Toolbox is a rich self-help coping tool, full of exercises and means to do on your own and mobilise inner strength. Anees A. Sheikh, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; author of Healing Images: The Role of Imagination in Health, 2003

The Imagery Toolbox might more aptly be named an “Imagery Treasure Trove.”

All these seemingly simple tools synthesize into a powerful collection of possibilities for the counselor or therapist to offer their clients who might be suffering from illness or in crisis. It is also a perfect gift for anyone you know living through cancer treatment, as the instructions for applying the tools are very straightforward and the materials can be easily used without assistance. 

Every chapter in the Imagery Toolbox Course Book is illustrated not only with meaningful testimonies, but also amazing displays of artistic talent and profoundly moving images.The Imagery Toolbox is truly a psychosynthesis gift to our troubled world.

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Catherine Ann Lombard

Psychologist, counselor and researcher

Ready for use with little advance preparation required

This is a wonderful creation, a “one-stop” set of aids ready for use with little advance preparation required.

I am positively impressed with the Imagery Toolbox 3.0. Having myself survived cancer 40 years ago when cancer treatment was exclusively biochemical (and fairly brutal), I can testify that inner experiences were in fact the decisive factor in my own healing. I could only wish that I had had such a resource as the Imagery Toolbox when I was going through the tough times when I had cancer! This set of resources is helpful not only for cancer patients, but for anyone undergoing serious illness or personal crisis.

The Imagery Toolbox 3.0 is a worthy, non-profit addition to the field, providing simple, easily understood and user-friendly tools and techniques to support personal wellness, and a wonderful resource for guides, counselor and therapists to help people on their healing journeys.

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Jan Kuniholm

Philosopher, author and former editor of Psychosynthesis Quarterly, Cheshire, Massachusetts in the USA.

Treasure chest

When you open the box containing the high-quality materials, it feels as if you have found a magic treasure chest. . . that invites the mobilization of inner forces.

The description of the methods and working with the materials is focused on working with cancer patients, but can of course be used for a broad target group.

Audrey de Jong



As a social worker I came into contact with the Imagery Toolbox when I followed a training courses at the Amsterdam School for Imagery. Working with the symbol cards has since occupied an important place in my work in guiding people with cancer. I am touched every time I see how the symbol cards bring people to their deepest feelings and help them express their fears, sadness, anger and illness experience. Ilonka Behr

Social worker

A fantastic gift

Imagine that, on arrival as a patient in hospital, you are given a box of crayons, modelling clay, a notebook, dvd, symbol cards, etc…. and that you are urged to draw, write, visualize, even sing. Crazy? Not at all. In fact much new research shows that the activation of our creative circuits gives huge benefits for alleviating of pain, overcoming pessimism, and bringing to life our real Self. This box is a wonderful gift Dr. Piero Ferrucci

psychotherapist, philosopher and author, Florence, Italy