School for Imagery

The School for Imagery (School voor Imaginatie) was founded in Amsterdam in 1985 by psychologist Jan Taal with the aim of providing training in the professional and respectful use of the inner image.

The inner image is a determining factor in learning processes and human functioning; that this is so has been increasingly confirmed by the findings of contemporary neuropsychology.  It would therefore seem important, in all fields of human activity, to take serious account of the influence and the laws of inner imagery. The skilful and purposeful handling of inner images (imagery, imaginative thinking) is what makes human action effective. Learning to treat the world of inner imagery with respect can bring people into contact, in a natural way, with their personal and spiritual sources of meaning.

With this aim and approach as its basis, the School has developed over the years into the leading center in the Netherlands to specialize in the application of imagery in a wide variety of contexts, including  psychological treatment, coaching, psychotherapy, supervision, career counseling, team building, organizational development and projects in healthcare and education.

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