Scientific Research

In collaboration with the University for Humanistics, Professor Hans Alma, the School for Imagery and the Kanker in Beeld (Cancer in Images) Foundation, a pilot study was conducted into personal experiences with the Imagery Toolbox 2.0. A follow up feasabilty study will be conducted in collaboration with the Universities of Groningen and Twente.

24 participants in the study were asked in a 90-minute interview about their experiences. The comprehensive report on the analysis of the interviews can be found (PDF in Dutch) here (PDF).

The pilot study has shown that the Imagery Toolbox stimulates the imagination to a significant degree, mobilizes the self-empowering capabilities of people with cancer and leads to an increase in their resilience and sense of well-being.

Follow-up feasabilty study

A larger follow-up feasabilty study into the effectiveness of the Imagery Toolbox 3.0 as a method for coping with cancer has been designed by Dr Anja Visser of the University of Groningen (Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies) in collaboration with the University of Twente (Department of Positive Psychology and Technology). Funds for the execution of this research study are currently being sought.

Read more about the scientific background and research in Chapter 11 of the Course book


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